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Across the street from City hall stands a large statue of one of Philadelphia’s most well known political figures—Frank Rizzo, the former police commissioner and mayor. Frequently known as “The General,” Rizzo oversaw a dramatic expansion of Philly’s police department and forced in tough–on–crime rhetoric and policies. Nearly half a century later, Rizzo’s legacy remains. In 2015, Philadelphia had the fifth highest ratio of police officers to overall population in the entire nation. Philly’s former District Attorney, Lynn Abraham, was nationally recognized for the sheer number of death penalty cases she pursued.

Today, despite all attempts at reform in the Philadelphia justice system, and many reversals of harmful policies, Philadelphia still perpetuates mass incarceration as an institution. Philadelphia must elect a Defense Attorney dedicated to executing and expanding proposed reforms. For this reason, Penn Democrats is proud to endorse Lawrence (Larry) Krasner for District Attorney of Philadelphia.

Krasner has several decades worth of experience working as a public defender in Philadelphia. Additionally, in 1993, he founded his own private practice which specializes in criminal defense and police brutality matters. Krasner has held a staunchly anti-death penalty stance throughout his career. He has a strong record on matters of civil forfeiture, mandatory minimums, and bail reform.

On the whole, Krasner will carry a public defender’s mindset with him to the DA’s office. Krasner has several decades worth of hands-on experience resisting our nation’s hyper-punitive legal structure. This experience is uniquely necessary in the fight to reform Philadelphia's criminal justice system.

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