Students at the summit getting fired up and ready to go.

Tonight Young Americans for Obama hosted a nationally broadcast student summit in Houston Hall to mark the official launch of Obama’s “Greater Together” initiative. The event was designed to allow students to engage in dialogue about issues affecting the youth of America with senior political leaders.

Speakers included Mayor Nutter, Obama’s campaign manager Jim Messina, and Director of Domestic Policy Council Melody Barnes. They addressed the crowd on a variety of issues, including student loans, Wall Street reform, bringing home the troops, healthcare reform, the American Jobs Act and the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. Students were encouraged to ask questions, and the 6,000 viewers watching the summit via live broadcast on the Young Americans for Obama website were encouraged to Tweet in questions and comments as well.

Over 400 students from Penn, Drexel, Temple, Haverford and Swarthmore attended the summit. Many of the attendees were freshman, eager to exercise their right to vote for the first time in the upcoming elections.

All in all, the night marked a successful launch of the Young Americans for Obama program and left students fired up and ready to go.

For more information on what President Obama has done for young Americans, check out this link.

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