Among the hundreds of clubs that Penn has to offer, Penn Dems has emerged as one of the largest, most active organizations on campus. It didn’t happen by luck alone—we work hard to make sure all of our members have a rewarding experience with us. Check out some personal stories about why other students joined Penn Dems:

“Penn Dems has enabled me to remain engaged in politics throughout my time at Penn. I believe it’s important to be engaged in the world around you and my involvement in Penn Dems has provided me the opportunity to develop my understanding of a wide range of policy matters. I have also made some great friends!” -Jordan Dannenberg 

“Penn Dems has everything a college club should have: new friends, community activism, intellectual discovery, and free food.  It’s a group of people with real passion for activism and outreach. I love how I’m constantly learning from not only our amazing speakers, but also from everybody in the club. Penn Dems is an awesome way to get involved, make great friends, and learn about issues that matter.” -Katrina Truebenbach

“When I found Penn Dems, I discovered a community of passionate people who cared about the same issues I did. More important, they welcomed me, taught me new skills, and helped me form a great group of friends. My experiences with Dems has helped me get internships, gain confidence, and become more informed.” -Max Levy

“When I started taking advantage of the bevy of the interesting, passionate speakers Penn Democrats brought to campus I realized how dedicated this group’s members were. I knew I wanted to surround myself with these kind of people from then on.” -Sam Iacobellis

“Joining Penn Dems was one of the best decisions I’ve made at Penn. I’ve become friends with great people, interacted with leading public servants, worked on campaigns, advocated for issues I care about, and had a blast the whole way. If you want to join a fun, passionate community where you can make a difference, Penn Dems fits the bill!” -Sean Foley

“Penn Dems is hands down the best college political club in America.  With regular visits from ambassadors, members of Congress, governors, and even Presidents, there is always something to learn.  I made some of my best friends at Penn through the club and its social events.  I would recommend Penn Dems to anyone who is interested in politics, public service, and community involvement.”  -Robert Klein



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