Looking for campaign staff and field managers to aid in the fight for equality.

Campaign staff will go out into communities and go door-to-door, or go into public places and talk with people about the issues, raise money, and build membership for organizations the fund supports. Canvassers also have the opportunity to work with the media, help build coalitions with other organizations, and mobilize activists to help the fund win its campaigns.

Campaign staff will make $400-600 a week.

Field Managers work closely with the Canvass Director to meet the goals of the office. They direct a crew of canvassers daily, overseeing a variety of canvass field activities, including: meeting personal fundraising and petition gathering goals; training and motivating the other members of the crew; and coordinating canvass logistics, such as developing a strategy to build support in a neighborhood.

Field Managers earn an additional $50-$100 each week.

If interested, contact the office directly at 401-575-3844.

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