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When Clinton and Trump Go Head-to-Head: A Take on the Debate

This past Monday night, September 26th, Americans huddled around their TV’s for a showdown. No, not the Falcons vs. Saints game, but an even more contentious matchup: Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump.   Moments before the debate started, I noticed my hands starting to sweat. For the first time this election season, I felt nervous.

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Penn Democrats Endorses Hillary Clinton

In 2008, Penn Democrats was proud to endorse then-Senator Barack Obama in the Democratic primary. That November, the American people agreed and elected him to be the 44th President of the United States. We made history that year, electing our nation’s first African-American President. This year, as we reflect on the progressive legacy he will

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Blog Post by Joe Sageman: The Flawed Case for Hillary

Note: Blog posts reflect the views and opinions of their authors and not necessarily those of Penn Democrats as an organization.   Single payer health care. Overturning Citizens United. Free college tuition. A $15/hour minimum wage. The same platform that has galvanized millions of Americans to support Bernie Sanders is the one under attack from the Clinton campaign. The

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