If you want to run for the board, please email your statement of candidacy to elections@penndems.org by Sunday, November 27 at midnight. In your statement (~300 words), please indicate the position you are seeking and explain why you are running and why you are qualified. These paragraphs will be sent over the listserv on Monday morning.

To qualify to run for a board position, you must meet the voting criteria detailed below. All voting members are eligible to run for the Penn Dems executive board with one exception — to run for President, you must have served at least a term on the Penn Dems exec board.

We strongly recommend that you speak to the board member who holds the position for which you are running before you declare your candidacy. As a reminder, the positions are President (president@penndems.org),Vice President (vicepresident@penndems.org), Events Director (events@penndems.org), Political Director (political1@penndems.org), Legislative Director (legislative@penndems.org), Communications Director (commmunications@penndems.org), Treasurer (treasurer@penndems.org), and Membership Director (membership@penndems.org).

We are also introducing a new position on the board this year: Volunteer Coordinator. This position will be responsible for coordinating all Penn Dems volunteer activities on Locust Walk and in the West Philly and suburban Philadelphia communities. This board member will work closely with the Membership Director to coordinate on-campus activities, and with the political director to coordinate local political activities, especially through local and Congressional campaigns. For more information about this position, please contact current Community Outreach Director (outreach@penndems.org).

Elections will be held on November 30th at 8:30 pm in Huntsman G60.


1. All voters must remain in the room until elections have come to a close, so please plan your evening accordingly.

2. Any eligible member can declare his or her candidacy up until the doors close at 9pm.

3. All board positions are for the 2012 Calendar Year so you may not run if you are going abroad for either of those semesters.

4. To be eligible to vote, you must have attended two Penn Dmes events during the 2012 calendar year, or you must have volunteered for at least one hour with Penn Dems (i.e. flyering on the Walk) in addition to one event. Attendance at the Obama Student Summit and the Joe Biden event, while admirable, do not count towards the Penn Dems voting requirement. Our voter roll is based on attendance sheets from each event. We will notify eligible voters before midnight on Sunday, November 20th; if you do not receive an email from us confirming your eligibility by then and you believe you are eligible to vote according to the rules above, you may email elections@penndems.org with the two events you have attended and, subject to approval, we will add you to the list of votes.

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