At our Congressional Candidates Forum on February 22nd for Democrats running to represent Pennsylvania’s 2nd Congressional District, members of Penn Democrats had the privilege to hear directly from the candidates why they should represent our congressional district. Though the Democratic field offers many candidates with compelling resumes and progressive platforms that we support by and large, one stood head and shoulders above his peers.

Penn Democrats is proud to endorse Representative Dwight Evans for the Democratic primary in Pennsylvania’s 2nd Congressional District. Representative Evans has been and will continue to be a strong advocate for urban Philadelphia. Through his record of public service and body of ideas, he has shown an intimate understanding of the problems that plague the 2nd District.

Evans has been a long-time advocate of Philadelphia at all levels of government. As a public school teacher and then community activist in the Urban League, he has firsthand experience tackling the issues that our city must face. He has been a leader from a young age, as he was first elected to represent the 203rd Legislative District at the age of 26. He then made history in 1990 by becoming the first African-American Chairman of the House Appropriations Committee.

Some of Representative Evans’ most impressive achievements are in his work to combat “food deserts” and hunger in Philadelphia. He has been a champion of the Pennsylvania Fresh Food Financing Initiative, which creates a public-private partnership to expand grocery stores and supermarkets to underserved areas. This program incentivized grocery stores to provide quality food options to deserving communities across Pennsylvania. The FFFI has been praised widely as a model program that has been replicated across the country. The issue of food access is not frequently discussed in politics, but Evans knows that it is absolutely crucial in poor neighborhoods. He will bring this experience and innovative problem-solving ability to serve our district in Congress.

Evans’ platform includes reprioritizing federal funding to focus on urban America, addressing the crisis in Philadelphia schools, and combatting the epidemic of gun violence. In Representative Evans, we see a candidate who understands the deeper issues beyond talking points and has a proven record of serving his constituents. Pennsylvania’s second district needs a representative with integrity who will fight for Philadelphia block-by-block. Penn Democrats urges Philadelphians to vote for Representative Dwight Evans in the Democratic primary.

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