In Pennsylvania’s 5th Congressional District, among an incredibly large Democratic primary field, one such candidate that stands above the rest is Ashley Lunkenheimer. Pennsylvania has not seen a female congressional representative or Senator since 2015 making it the largest all-male congressional delegation in the country. As Pennsylvania voters head to the polls next month, they have the opportunity to end this practice by voting for well-qualified Democratic women appearing on primary ballots across the state.

Since graduating from Penn Law in 2002, Lunkenheimer has built an impressive resume of public service. She helped prosecute firearms cases as an Assistant US Attorney, worked pro-bono with the Legal Aid Society, and represented psychiatric patients with the Urban Justice Center. Throughout her career, Lunkenheimer has demonstrated a willingness to dedicate her life towards helping others, which is exactly the kind of person we need in Congress.

Lunkenheimer’s in-depth policy knowledge and commitment to not just the people of Delaware County and South Philadelphia but all of Pennsylvania is evident. She recognizes the need to stand up to the Trump administration and will fight to improve healthcare, an area she is passionate about due to her experience as an attorney for a Medicaid provider. Raising three children with her wife, Lunkenheimer is directly affected by the current administration’s complete disregard for the rights of the LGBTQ+ and other minority communities, and vows to fight in Congress for those who are being ignored.

Even though Lunkenheimer has never held elected office, we have no doubt that her experience in the legal field will prepare her well to be in Congress. One of many first-time candidates running to stop the madness currently going on in Washington, we admire Ashley Lunkenheimer’s desire to continue helping those who need it the most. Her qualifications speak for themselves, and we are excited to help her to join the Pennsylvania delegation.

Penn Democrats encourages voters in Pennsylvania’s 5th Congressional District to support Ashley Lunkenheimer in the Democratic primary on May 15.

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