Philadephia, PA – The University of Pennsylvania Democrats today commend Commonwealth Judge Robert Simpson for delaying full implementation of HB 934, the law requiring photo identification vote in November’s election.


“Nothing is more fundamental to democracy than voting. Americans are guaranteed the right to participate in democracy, and voting does just that,” said Dylan Hewitt, Penn Democrats Vice President. “Anti-voting laws like voter identification disproportionately affect minorities, students, and senior citizens – all of whom typically vote democratically. Voters are supposed to choose the leaders, not the other way around, and right-wing politicians are creating barriers to the ballot that prevent voters from having their voices heard – even if that means manipulating the system so that it remains rigged in their favor.”


“If the law survived, Penn students had the ability to use their Penn Cards as valid ID, but not all Pennsylvanians were as fortunate. Now, Pennsylvania citizens will no longer have to present photographic identification when casting their vote in next month’s election, and Penn Democrats applauds Judge Simpson for upholding this constitutionally protected right. Our efforts now shift to making sure Pennsylvanians and poll workers are aware of Simpson’s ruling.”


Today, the politically motivated nationwide attack on voting rights suffered a blow, but there is still work to be done. Penn Democrats has been an outspoken opponent of anti-voting laws since voter identification was introduced in the Pennsylvania legislature earlier last year and continues to stand in solidarity with voting rights advocates. Voting is a fundamental right for citizens of Pennsylvania and the United States and it is vital that it remain a right for this election and those that follow it.

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