Join Penn Democrats and College Republicans for an incredible non-partisan, pre-election event, sponsored by Comcast Cable:

Two of America’s leading youth political engagement organizations – OUR TIME and Generation18 – will be launching their fall tour to debut their film, “Up to Us” from Penn.

OUR TIME and Generation 18 will screen their film, followed by an incredible panel of politicians, journalists, and nonprofit leaders, featuring:

-Founder and President of Penn Financial Group, Matthew McCall
-Congressman Patrick Murphy
-Matthew Segal, Co-Founder of OUR TIME
-David Burstein, Executive Director of Generation 18

Directed by David D. Burstein, the Executive Director of Generation18 and produced by OUR TIME, “Up to Us,” shows an optimistic solution for young America’s economic future, one that envisions an expansion of national service to grow economic opportunity alongside increased opportunity for millennials to achieve their idealistic goals of tackling social problems.The film seeks to inspire and activate our generation support the campaign to get one million new national service jobs.

Please RSVP Here:

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