Internship with Philadelphia 3.0


Philadelphia 3.0 is a nonpartisan organization trying to bring new voices into the city’s political conversation. Philadelphia 3.0 is a political startup with a focus on City Council. Our goal is to create the opportunity for new civil servants to be elected and smart policy to win out. For us, success means more participation, more people having a say in what happens to our city. In doing so, we will show that the City of Philadelphia will no longer be constrained by the status quo.

The Philadelphia 3.0 campaign is seeking highly motivated individuals for the role of Interns to assist our outreach efforts across Greater Center City, University City and other Philadelphia college campuses. Interns will work closely with some of the top professionals in media, policy and field organizing; help build volunteer teams; and manage voter contact activities across Philadelphia.

The Internship is an 8 week organizing program. Interns will:

·      Recruit volunteers, and register and educate voters, via phone outreach and door-to-door canvassing

·      Enter, organize, and maintain the data from all of our voter interactions

·      Attend events on behalf of Philadelphia 3.0

·      Use social networks to help amplify our message Recruit, coach, and develop local teams


Candidates for the Internship program must be:

·      Enthusiastic about  grassroots efforts to enact political change

·       Willing to commit to 10+ hours a week through May 19th

·      Interested in people-centered, metrics-driven, goal-oriented work

·      Personally organized and hard working

·      Strong communicators


If interested contact:

Jason Runnfeldt



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