The University of Pennsylvania Democrats is an organization that is dedicated to local, regional, and national politics. We have been involved in countless campaigns, issues, and debates in the Philadelphia area and abroad. A few of our major accomplishments follow:

  • February 2009 | The PennDems became the first Democratic club to endorse District Attorney candidate Seth Williams in the Democratic primary. Seth went on to win the election in May 2009. Several PennDems members served in important capacities, including Youth Outreach Chair.
  • In January, 2009, PennDems organized travel for 80 Penn students to the Inauguration of Barack Obama. In addition, approximately 30 of our volunteers received tickets to a small gathering with President Obama at the Whistle Stop Tour send-off in Philadelphia and/or the Official Youth Inaugural Ball.
  • Fall 2008 | PennDems and UPenn for Obama registered thousands of voters, more than any other organization on campus, and ensured students knew their correct polling locations as well as their rights. Our hard work and tens of thousands of hours of phonebanking, canvassing, dorm-storming, and tabling resulted in 84% of registered Penn students ‘pulling the lever’ for Senator Barack Obama. 90% of registered student voters showed up at the polls.
  • Spring 2008 | On March 5, Penn Democrats endorsed Senator Barack Obama for the Democratic nomination. PennDems and UPenn for Obama members canvassed in West Philadelphia every weekend and tabled on Locust Walk every day, Monday through Friday.
  • Fall 2007 | Michael Nutter Wins Mayoral Election: We canvassed for Michael Nutter throughout West Philadelphia and helped make Mr. Nutter the Mayor of Philadelphia.
  • Spring 2007 | Endorsement of Michael Nutter for Philadelphia Mayor: We endorsed Michael Nutter, a progressive reformer with over 15 years of city government experience, in the race for Philadelphia Mayor. Currently, Penn Dems volunteer in Mr. Nutter’s campaign through weekend canvasses.
  • November 2006 | 15,000 Doors for Patrick Murphy: Our organization committed itself to knocking on 15,000 doors for Patrick Murphy – and we did! Our efforts helped make Mr. Murphy the first Iraq War Veteran elected to Congress. In fact, Rep. Murphy won the election by fewer than 1,600 votes.
  • October 2006 | Nancy Pelosi, Edward G. Rendell, and Bob Casey on Campus: In the month leading up to the 2006 midterm elections, we single-handedly hosted rallies featuring House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell, and Pennsylvania Senator Bob Casey. These events drew a combined total of more than 600 students, contributing to Rendell and Casey’s landslide victories.
  • Host, Fundraiser for Patrick Murphy featuring comedian Al Franken, World Café Life, Philadelphia (September 2006)
  • Host, Democracy for America Training Academy, University of Pennsylvania (March 2006)
  • Host, Rally featuring presidential candidate John Kerry, Hill Field, University of Pennsylvania (September 2004)
  • Logistics Support, “The Next President” Democratic Candidates’ Forum, National Constitution Center, Philadelphia (August 2003)

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