As part of our summer-long Dems in DC series, we’ll be profiling various Dems interning in DC this summer. 

TaraTara Kutzbach

Former Penn Dems Secretary, Intern at The Brookings Institute

After spending a semester in Spain, Tara is back in the States and spending the summer in DC. Through her internship, she gets to attend all the events that Brookings hosts, and she’s been able to see many of the speakers that the Institute has brought in. Most importantly, she’s loving the Brookies (Brookings cookies) they give out.

Her favorite areas to visit: Eastern Market or Georgetown

Her favorite DC bars: Cafe Citron and Madam’s Organ

To anyone in DC for the summer, her biggest piece of advice is to take advantage of all the Penn in Washington events. She also highly recommends looking into the Penn Wharton Public Policy Initiative, which can provide funds to Penn students who are in public policy-related internships.


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