As part of our summer-long Dems in DC series, we’ll be profiling various Dems interning in DC this summer. 


Max Levy

Penn Dems Communications Director, intern at Generation Progress

Max is spending his first summer in DC and loving every minute of it. While working with the youth-outreach arm of the Center for American Progress, he’s been able to hone his communications skills and attend some incredible events. He’s seen President Obama, Michelle Obama, VP Biden, Leader Pelosi, and even Christina Hendricks.

Favorite tourist attractions: The FDR Memorial and the Newseum

Favorite restaurants: Ted’s Bulletin (brunch) and Thunder Burger (lunch or dinner)

As you finish up your internship, Max recommends that you make a portfolio of the work you’ve done. Whether that’s a GoogleDoc with links to pieces you’ve written, a flash drive with content you’ve created, or a list of skills you’ve developed, you’ll want to have a clear record of what you’ve accomplished. In a couple months, when you’re applying for the next round of jobs, you’ll be much better equipped to talk about your successful summer.

Just as important, Max wants to make sure you take advantage of these last few days or weeks at work. Attend those events you’ve been hearing about, make the connections you’ve been meaning to reach out to, and do everything you can before you get back into the day-to-day of school and classes. At the least, you’ll make a good last impression on your employer, and at the most, you’ll have an incredible ending to a great summer.

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