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White House as Daycare Center

President Trump has attacked his party members countless times with fallacious insults, often on Twitter and after 2am. However, not many of them have attacked back with much success. This brings about the question that has been on Democrats’ minds for a long time: When will the Republican Party say enough is enough? I predict

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Feminism, Zionism, Advocacy: Without Mutual Exclusion

Feminism has always been my thing. Sadly, I didn’t go to a high school that highly promoted equality; thus, I have always been known as the feminist. If people had questions about women’s issues they would asked me. Somehow at 15, I needed to know every nuanced argument about abortion, equal pay and anything else

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Trumpcare: A Debate

Trumpcare could soon be the face of “adequate healthcare.” After going through article after article, I unearthed a multitude of issues with Trumpcare and what his administration constitutes as proper health care management for the people of America. I implore everyone who reads this to also do their own research on the matter before reaching

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