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Half Truths and Whole Lies: 11 Myths of the Post-Election Narrative

    “This election proves the Americans really, really hate the establishment.” There’s clearly something to this, but it doesn’t tell the whole story. America is becoming a more divided nation. The ideological gap between liberals and conservatives is growing. People are sorting themselves geographically to live close to people of similar backgrounds, educational attainments,

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Bookers and Barakas: Democrats’ Divergence on Education Reform

    In 1983, the Reagan administration’s National Commission on Excellence in Education released an explosive report called A Nation at Risk, and its findings were alarming. The United States, despite its proud place on the frontier of cutting-edge technological innovations like space travel and computing, had an education system that somehow ranked near the

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Blog Post by Joe Sageman: The Flawed Case for Hillary

Note: Blog posts reflect the views and opinions of their authors and not necessarily those of Penn Democrats as an organization.   Single payer health care. Overturning Citizens United. Free college tuition. A $15/hour minimum wage. The same platform that has galvanized millions of Americans to support Bernie Sanders is the one under attack from the Clinton campaign. The

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