EJ Carlson is a junior from Cape May, NJ majoring in Chemistry. She is passionate about climate, reproductive rights, and healthcare policy. She plans to make sure all of Penn’s campus is registered to vote and to make friends with every member of Dems.

Bayley Tuch

Bayley Tuch is a junior from Los Altos, CA (in the San Francisco Bay Area). With her Political Science major and Computer Science minor, she hopes to pursue something in the data analysis realm of politics. Bayley is always enthusiastic about education policy, electoral maps, and constructive political conversations with people who disagree with her.

Owen Voutsinas-Klose

Owen Voutsinas-Klose is a junior from Nyack, NY majoring in Politics, Philosophy & Economics. He’s passionate about expanding Penn Dems’ local impact, promoting participation on campus, and building meaningful relationships with progressive groups in PA and beyond. 


Sarah Jones

Sarah Jones is a junior from outside of Albany, NY studying Urban Studies and Political Science. As Penn Dems Legislative Director, she’s passionate about political activism, social change and working with the amazing experts at Penn and in Philly to provide educational opportunities for Dems members and Penn students to learn about policy problems and solutions at all levels of government.
communications director

Tamara Wurman

Tamara is a sophomore from from Boulder, CO studying Political Science and Communication. She first got involved in politics interning on the gubernatorial campaign in Colorado and recently worked as an intern for the House of Representatives for Joe Neguse (CO-02). She loves learning more about people’s hometowns and is thrilled to build up Dems’ presence on campus & beyond. 

outreach director

Jay Falk

Jay Falk is life-long Virginian and a sophomore studying Economics at the University of Pennsylvania. Jay cares deeply about public education, grassroots politics, and affordable housing. She won’t stop talking about running (very slowly), Survivor (the TV show), and graduating from TC Williams (the high school from Remember the Titans


Chris Cherian


Chris is a junior concentrating in management and finance. His biggest policy issues are the economy (jobs are important) and climate change. While he’s not spending time with friends and procrastinating  studying, he loves playing with his goldendoodle, Gatsby, devouring political news, and watching the Atlanta Falcons come so close yet so far.


Michael Nevett

Michael is a sophomore from the DC suburbs. He is majoring in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics. His top priorities are ensuring the organization is accessible for everyone, and that it has enough resources to be enjoyable and effective. He’s an elections nerd and is very invested in the gun violence prevention movement.

Francois Barrilleaux


Francois Barrilleaux is a sophomore from Oakland, CA double majoring in Political Science and Economics. He is excited to continue working as Penn Dems’ Secretary. This semester he is focused on better organizing the internal affairs of the club and promoting social justice in the Penn community.