By Leopold Spohngellert

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At this point in President’s Obama’s presidency, it seems like everybody has turned on him.

This election cycle was defined as a referendum on Obama’s presidency by Republicans, and Democrats took their bait. They deliberately avoided standing behind the president who passed sweeping health care legislation, financial regulations, and killed Osama Bin Laden. Rather than focusing on Democratic accomplishments over the last six years or defending a liberal agenda, the Democrats chose to hide from the man who shook up voter demographics in two elections.

Granted, Obama has made numerous mistakes and has proven himself far more vulnerable than he appeared back in 2008 and even in 2012. Still, it’s rather cowardly of Democratic congressmen to lack the gall to support their president through these rough times. And it seems like their strategy failed miserably. Republicans connected Democrats to the Obama who they have created in the media, while Democrats refused to take credit for any accomplishments Obama has helped them achieve.

In the wake up this disastrous election, everybody is pointing figures at the president who failed his party and is somehow the root of all evil in this country. The media that once painted such rosy portraits of Obama, is now all too eager to publish article after article about Obama’s failures—because negativity sells. Again, there is no way to argue that Obama doesn’t share the blame for his parties pitfalls this election cycle. However, the key word is “share.” He shares the blame.

You’ve got to hand it to the Republicans. Since Obama’s 2008 victory they have fought his party and his administration with all the fire in their arsenal. Politics is a hard-fought, dirty game and the Republicans are winning today. Democrats believe they can fall back on favorable demographics and attractive policies such as raising the minimum wage and reforming immigration laws.  But  the Democrats have shown this election cycle that they are not capable of fighting fire with fire.  This election, they’ve shown themselves to be far too willing to hide from their achievements and from a leader who is not quite as evil as everybody seems to believe lately.

We’ll see in two years whether or not this year’s midterms taught them anything.

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