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Feminism, Zionism, Advocacy: Without Mutual Exclusion

Feminism has always been my thing. Sadly, I didn’t go to a high school that highly promoted equality; thus, I have always been known as the feminist. If people had questions about women’s issues they would asked me. Somehow at 15, I needed to know every nuanced argument about abortion, equal pay and anything else

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Trumpcare: A Debate

Trumpcare could soon be the face of “adequate healthcare.” After going through article after article, I unearthed a multitude of issues with Trumpcare and what his administration constitutes as proper health care management for the people of America. I implore everyone who reads this to also do their own research on the matter before reaching

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Half Truths and Whole Lies: 11 Myths of the Post-Election Narrative

    “This election proves the Americans really, really hate the establishment.” There’s clearly something to this, but it doesn’t tell the whole story. America is becoming a more divided nation. The ideological gap between liberals and conservatives is growing. People are sorting themselves geographically to live close to people of similar backgrounds, educational attainments,

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